Do Good

Who am I?

 I am a living soul. I am I. I am you. I am everybody. I am life. I am time. You are time. We are time. We are all connected with the elements of this world

and the universe. I am a musician. I am a composer. I am a creator of ideas. I am a healer, healing the minds of the people using Word, Sound and Power given to me by the ancestors.


I greet you in the name of the Imperial Majesty, Jah Rastafari. Good health to you. As a Mauritian African I welcome you to my site, to explore, to listen to the music, to find new energies.
One Love. 

Inna Deep Meditation

 The most beautiful journey we have on earth is life. Inna Deep Meditation is 

to help us embrace the gift of life/death/life. 

Close your eyes and listen to the words and to the music.

Thank you to listen.


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