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My name is Mike Delaitre. I am a local singer/songwriter, musician and video story-maker, living in the seaside town of Burntisland, in Fife, Scotland. Originally from the island of Mauritius, I use creativity as a tool to raise social awareness.

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My Story

Coming from African, European and Indian descendants I am the product of a multicultural country. In 2010 I moved to Scotland to live with my beautiful Scottish wife.


In the eyes of the world people know me as a singer songwriter, a musician, and a social worker but for me I am a healer. 


I use word, sound and power that has been given to me though the Most High,  as inspiration to touch the peoples heart, mind and soul. 


Everything that you will read on this website, everything that you will  hear or feel, has been created to motivate the mind with positive energy.  Who and what motivates our mind is the question we have to ask.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.