This message is for the next generation.

Be Come


Be Come was written to motivate the next generation for the role that they will have to play in their future lives.


The balance of life will play a key role and will determine the level of well being in life and happiness. Looking after the Mother Earth will have to become the priority for the future, the human race and all existence.

In life, some people become a doctor, lawyer, banker, engineer, politician,  or what ever life makes you. What ever you be come is just a role that is played in life.

Peace and Love to everyone.

Created during Lockdown

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Be Come

With guitar solo by Laurence MacDonald.

Be coming who I am
My name is Mike Delaitre and I was born on the island of Mauritius. Coming from African, European and Indian descendants I am the product of a multicultural country. In 2010 I moved to Scotland to live with my beautiful Scottish wife. In the eyes of the world people know me as a singer songwriter, a musician, and a social worker but for me I am a healer. I use word, sound and power that has been given to me though the Most High,  as inspiration to touch the peoples heart, mind and soul. Everything that you will read on this website, everything that you will  hear or feel, has been created to motivate the mind with positive energy.  Who and what motivates our mind is the question we have to ask.


The words we speak contain different levels of frequencies. Know that there is a time to speak and a time to be quiet. The words that I use in the music are to bring hope and healing to people's lives. I believe in positive words to create positive people. If you do good to someone else, love will always be with you. No matter where you come from or where you  go, love will always be the reason of life.


The music that as been given to me to use is a music for everyone. It is music of the world. The foundation that I play is Nyabinghi, the rthmth of the heart. The melody, the lyrics, and the sounds are gifts of inspiration which bring peace and power within. Our heart plays the rhythm of time so we can dance as our ancestors did. We sing and dance when we are free.


Spirituality is the most important element in my life. My communication with the Creator, or the force, the energy - or whatever name is given, has opened the door for peacefulness to allow my healing to take place. I grew up in a violent environment, both at home and in school, facing  racism and discrimination, which left me with severe trauma and pain. This did not manifest in me until later in life. The journey of my life has led me to walk on the land of Scotland, with the wonders and signs, as it is written in our ancestor's books. The changing of the season brings dreams and more dreams. Spiritual power will only be given to you when you know that you don't know.