Bless and Love


Fife, Scotland




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Bless and Love is the journey of giving thanks to life, expressing gratitude to the mother energy and our mother earth. It represents the journey of the seed deep within women, and the blessings of our future generations. Practising gratitude is a powerful tool for our physical and psychological well-being. Giving blessings and love of acceptance and thanks for what we receive in the flow of our lives.

Filmed with overhead images of the beach and the sea, blessings and love are given to those we come into contact with, embracing the love of those we live with in present time, remembering the ancestors before us, and welcoming those still to come. We are all connected over time and land.


The music is ancient Nyabinghi, the heart beat deep within ourselves, and the sound of a family made bowl creating the “feel” of a Tibetan bell, with an Irish bagpipe melody at the end.