With gratitude for the natural plants of Scotland to help me and others on our healing journey. In this video I am sharing how I make my comfrey oil, using Coconut oil as a base. After adding dry comfrey leaves I include fresh ginger to help with stress, pain and skin issues.

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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

This video is a call for an open conversation to find a solution and healing for a major problem that exists in Mauritius, synthetic drugs. Up to today 02 September 2020 no solution has been found for the issue of addiction to synthetic drugs. Past governments to the present have denied access for people and the health services to use cannabis oil for healing. The Mauritius government to this day are still refusing to open a conversation about the benefits of cannabis medicine despite the research and evidence from all over the world about the health benefits this plant offers. The results of addiction to synthetic drugs is a situation causing stress to the economic system of the country where more money is being invested in the use of the police force in an attempt to gain control of the situation, rather than investing in a healing process.

If there is anyone who could help please get in touch. Love and Blessings. Mike

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