Can You Hear The Wind Blow


Fife, Scotland




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Can You hear the Wind Blow is a Nyabinghi music using both modern and ancient instruments and sound. Nyabinghi is the rythym of the heart. The ancient African Kush words “RAS” and "Tafari" are presented in the video in the meaning of “Head” and "Creation".


The Head of Creation as the head of energy, is also a concept used in Nyabinghi to spiritually connect the energy of the mother and the father. These words are often used in ancient African healing as a chant, like a Psalm or mantra.

The Lion of Judah in African culture represents justice.

Making use of images taken in the woodlands of The Binn hill you are entering a mystical woodland where the trees and the land will draw you in on a pathway to enchantment with the natural mystic.