Great Ennead


Fife, Scotland




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The name Ennead represents the different Gods and Goddess in Kemet, ancient African mythology. Ma’at represents the balance of life.

The Great Ennead is a place to come to receive peace of mind and to recharge energy. In the spiritual realm water is used as a cleansing for the mind, bringing purity and peace. It also reminds us of the movement of life through time.

Walking westwards along the coast out of the town a walk follows the waters edge and a small formation of rocks appear, rising out of the water where the waves embrace the rock in a rhythmic motion, creating silvery ghost like shapes of animals and figures in dance. This is a place to come to when you feel the need to let go, a place to cry, to regenerate and a place for you to be with the Great Ennead. Close your eyes and let yourself swim with the sound of the water in the warming sun.