Nyabinghi is for people of all ages, for all cultures no matter where you come from. Nyabinghi is always with us. The rhythm of our hearts. 

In 2019 I was the first person to introduce Nyabinghi workshops to the community. Through the collaboration of the Toll Community Centre of Burntisland and Fife Council, we were able to organise a series of Nyabinghi workshops as a project of cultural exchange. The workshops were to introduce the 3 main drum rhythms, the Thunder, the Do Good and the Repeater, which are the foundation of the music. We also touched on the African spiritual connection and the relationship with the human heart. 


To learn more about Nyabinghi see videos below.

Mama Alba

The intention of Mama Alba is to give thanks to the land of Scotland. Through the change of the seasons of Scotland we become witness to the power of the Mother Earth. The rhythm of Nyabinghi reminds us to connect to the earth and the role that we play to keep the earth clean. 

Hand Drums

Unfortunately due to the Covid 19 situation we have had to cancel the Nyabinghy workshops for July 2020. With love we look forward to 2021. 

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