Re-Konnect is a series of atmospheric music compositions presented with image and video, which can be used as a tool for self motivation and self healing in this period of COVID-19 and beyond. Re-Konnect puts into a creative form the artist’s experiences of mental health and wellbeing.


The music and videos will explore ways that we can “Re-Konnect” to ourselves using a combination of word, sound and visuals to create a positive energy and a shift in the mind for well being, inner peace and harmony in challenging life situations. The project aims to encourage others to take “5 minutes” for themselves.

Re-Konnect will be presented as an online space to help others who are looking to achieve a more balanced and deeper connection in their lives, and accessible on social media platforms for everyone of any age and background.


Connecting to nature and to the heart the project will use the ancient African Nyabinghi rhythm as the heart beat of the music and include sound inspirations from other cultures of the world. 


Our heart has a story to tell us.