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ReKonnect is a series of atmospheric music compositions presented with image and video, which can be used as a tool for self motivation and self healing in this period of COVID-19 and beyond.

Re-Konnect puts into a creative form the artist’s experiences of mental health and wellbeing.


The music and videos explore ways that we can “Re-Konnect” to ourselves using a combination of word, sound and visuals to create a positive energy and a shift in the mind for well being, inner peace and harmony, in challenging life situations. The project aims to encourage others to take “5 minutes” for themselves.

Re-Konnect is an online space to help others who are looking to achieve a more balanced and deeper connection in their lives, for everyone of any age and background.


Connecting to nature and to the heart the project makes use of the ancient African Nyabinghi rhythm as the heart beat of the music and includes sound inspirations from other cultures of the world. 

Everyone is welcome to visit ReKonnect.
Please come with no judgement.

ReKonnect is a journey for you to receive help, comfort, direction and love, through music and image, a map for the journey of life.

The images for ReKonnect have been filmed in and around the coastal town of Burntisland in Fife, on the east coast of Scotland. Sitting on the River Forth estuary, the town of Burntisland is dominated and sheltered by The Binn hill, which provides stunning views of the river estuary, the Black Rock and the island of Inchkeith. This is a rich and diverse natural environment with the sea to the south and the hill and woods to the north.

With thanks, the project has been made possible through the encouragement of my family, the support from local community and the funding from the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

I want also to give thanks to the five elements, earth, water, fire, air and space.

It's okay if you are struggling. If you are looking for mental health information and support SAMH can help



Can You Hear The Wind Blow

The ancient African Kush words “RAS” and "Tafari" are presented in the video in the meaning of “Head” and "Creation". These words are often used in ancient African healing as a chant, like a Psalm or mantra.


We Are So Beautiful

We are so Beautiful is a journey on the River Forth estuary. Every day the natural elements, the colours, the patterns and the atmosphere change, creating dynamic sea and sky-scapes.



Bless and Love

Bless and Love is the journey of giving thanks to life, expressing gratitude to the mother energy and our mother earth. It represents the journey of the seed deep within women, and the blessings of our future generations.


The Mammoth Walk

The Mammoth Walk takes us on a journey over the land at both the east and west edges of the Binn hill. The hill takes the form of a sleeping Mammoth, resting on the land thousands of years ago, now holding a safe space for the town.



Great Ennead

The Great Ennead is a place to come to receive peace of mind and to recharge energy. In the spiritual realm water is used as a cleansing for the mind, bringing purity and peace.