We Are So Beautiful


Fife, Scotland




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We are so Beautiful is a journey on the River Forth estuary.
Every day the natural elements, the colours, the patterns and the atmosphere change, creating dynamic sea and sky-scapes. It is home for many birds, sea creatures, animals and a diversity of plants, and it contains a powerful energy to bring calmness of mind, body and soul. It is a place walked and visited by many local people and visitors. This is a place where someone can come to find peace, to cry, to smile, to play. This is a place of connection, the land to the sea and the sky, connecting people to each other and to the elements.

For me, this place holds great importance as I come here to meditate, to feel the touch of the sun in both the winter and summer seasons, with the sea connecting me to the island of my birth. The estuary opens up to embrace you on this journey.