Winter the Coldest Season

Project Overview:


My name is Mike Delaitre - I am a local singer/songwriter, musician and video story-maker, using creativity as a tool to raise social awareness. I am currently setting up a new project to create a 15 min short film documentary about a diverse group of people’s experiences of living in the Scottish winter.


As I am an independent artist it is often difficult to fund all my projects myself and this is why I am looking for support and contributions from local businesses and organisations to help me realise the project.



In Scotland everyone talks about the weather, it is a daily concern for those who were born here, but how does the experience of living in a new country, in a new culture and in the Scottish climate affect the lives, health and experiences of those who are not used to the climate, in particular the winter months?


“Winter – the coldest season of the year” is a short film which will explore through interviews with individuals and families, who have come to live in Fife from different countries and cultures, a series of questions and answers on experiences of the winter months.


The film will utilise music, film, and spoken experiences to explore how people experience the Scottish winter months and how this impacts on their lives, health and wellbeing. Through image and music the film will also explore the challenges, the contrasts, the contradictions, the beauty and strength of the winter weather.


The project idea comes from my own experiences of coming to live in Fife from the island of Mauritius, seven years ago. Mauritius is a country where a sunny, warm climate is an almost constant in the year, and living in Scotland opened up to me a new experience of a diverse climate and four seasons. Over the years I have lived here I have experienced emotions that I had never felt before like depression, tiredness, body pain, isolation and home-sickness, related to how my body and mind deal with the change in climate from Mauritius to Scotland. I came to realise that others would be feeling these experiences too and wanted to explore and to share this through creativity. I discovered that in changing my diet I was able to shift my thought patterns, and today I have a greater awareness and appreciation about the positive and negative effects of the weather on people and their lives.


The project is designed as a community service and its aim is to share experiences through interviews and the short documentary. The film will be released free of charge on social media and is expected to be screened later at organised events to interested local community audiences.